Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camp Farewell

What a weekend!  Other than my (very sleepy) time at church this morning and the mandatory Sunday afternoon nap (what?  you have one of those, don't you?), I've spent this entire weekend crafting.  Papertrey gave us and our supplies quite a workout this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  It'll take me all next week to go back and read everything that I skimmed.  And it'll take the next year to go through and see what the other "campers" created.  I've peeked at a few in the InLinkz lists, and really want to go spend more time hopping through blogs.  Here is the shot of everything I made yesterday -- except the mess, I'll spare you that scene.  And the cute little baby card that I left out for some reason.
Oh, look!  You do get to see a little of the mess, after all!   The things I made today are pictured in my other posts from today, but I forgot to take a shot of them to add to this post.  I think that the next time I participate in a Papertrey event like this, I'm going to hire a photographer and a read-me-what's-going-on-in-the-forum person (I'm sure there's a better title for that).  And I'll need someone to clean up for me after it's all over.  Ugh!  My desk is in a shambles.  Many thanks to Nicole and Heather and Dawn and Danielle and Ashley and Jessica and Betsy and Erin and Melissa and Maile and Michelle!   Boy, I hope I didn't leave anyone out -- they all did a lot of work for this and even videotaped themselves for us.  It was especially fun to encounter them on the forum every now and then when I'd come up for air. 

It was a great weekend, but now I can go to bed knowing that I've earned all of my 2012 Stamp-a-faire badges.  Whew!

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