Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camp Farewell

What a weekend!  Other than my (very sleepy) time at church this morning and the mandatory Sunday afternoon nap (what?  you have one of those, don't you?), I've spent this entire weekend crafting.  Papertrey gave us and our supplies quite a workout this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  It'll take me all next week to go back and read everything that I skimmed.  And it'll take the next year to go through and see what the other "campers" created.  I've peeked at a few in the InLinkz lists, and really want to go spend more time hopping through blogs.  Here is the shot of everything I made yesterday -- except the mess, I'll spare you that scene.  And the cute little baby card that I left out for some reason.
Oh, look!  You do get to see a little of the mess, after all!   The things I made today are pictured in my other posts from today, but I forgot to take a shot of them to add to this post.  I think that the next time I participate in a Papertrey event like this, I'm going to hire a photographer and a read-me-what's-going-on-in-the-forum person (I'm sure there's a better title for that).  And I'll need someone to clean up for me after it's all over.  Ugh!  My desk is in a shambles.  Many thanks to Nicole and Heather and Dawn and Danielle and Ashley and Jessica and Betsy and Erin and Melissa and Maile and Michelle!   Boy, I hope I didn't leave anyone out -- they all did a lot of work for this and even videotaped themselves for us.  It was especially fun to encounter them on the forum every now and then when I'd come up for air. 

It was a great weekend, but now I can go to bed knowing that I've earned all of my 2012 Stamp-a-faire badges.  Whew!

DIY -- Homemade Embellishment Challenge

Today it was fun to sit down and make a few little embellishments.  I chose to model my embellishments after Heather's felt badges.  I forgot to take a picture of the embellishments before I put them on tags, so you just get the "finished" look. 

I think these will be cute to attach to gift bags -- or even to make into cards!

Camp Card Challenge

All of the card set examples from the design team were so nice.  I'll probably go back and make more of them in the future.  But I was most intrigued by Danielle's little set made with the Half & Half dies.  These would be quick little sets to make for teacher gifts.  I'm thinking that they'd be a cute little set of Christmas tags/ gift inserts to give as a Secret Santa gift.    I'd also like to make some as inserts for birthday gifts -- especially for kids' birthdays. 

Here's my set:
I used Spring Rain card stock and Blueberry Sky ink.  The tags are really different shades of cream, but my wonderful photography made them look yellow. 

Tie Dye Techniques Challenge

I'll admit it:  I was afraid of the shaving cream.  I was sure I was going to choose to use the Copics and rubbing alcohol or the ink and water.  But that paper dyed with the ink refills and shaving cream was so pretty.  So that's the one I tried.  I did have the sense to move to the kitchen for this one.  :)

I used the only two reinkers I own (other than the tea dye duo -- which could be kind of cool...) -- Papertrey's Simply Chartreuse (the hybrid kind -- not the current one) and Stampin' Up's Blue Bayou.  I've got to say -- this was so easy and so much fun.  AND it gave me a new use for my Pampered Chef handy scraper.  Now I want to order every ink refill Papertrey has so that I can make lots of cool marbled papers. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Limited Supply Challenge

This is the last one for today.  I need to go to bed before it's time to get up for church tomorrow morning.  The challenge was to use only the supplies listed on Nichole's blog.  I decided to turn to Pinterest for my inspiration.  A few days ago, I had discovered this card on Pinterest.  It was created by Pamela (spookiee on the forum) for the most recent PTI Blog Hop!  I loved the layout, so I decided that I wanted to try the same layout with the Natural Beauties set. 

Here it is!
That's all for tonight.  I'll have to jump back on these challenges tomorrow after church. 

Paper Beads Challenge

Okay, I'll admit that I cheated planned ahead a little bit on this challenge.  I made my paper beads a while ago because I just couldn't resist using that die when my Stamp-a-faire box arrived.   Tonight, I'm really glad I did that because time is awfully short for all these videos and challenges!  One day I'll find time to go shopping for some pretty beads like Nichole has in her example, but this one is good for now.  

Mini book

My "Memory Preservation" badge is well-earned tonight.  I still have a few pictures to hunt down and add (for instance, the first day of school!), but what I do have is complete.  I used a combination of lots of Papertrey sets, Papertrey card stock, and Stampin' Up designer series paper and even My Digital Studio (cover) and my Silhouette.  I love it when all of my stuff works together!

It's late, so the pictures are even worse than they were today.  But here it is!
Whew!  I wonder if I can get any more challenges in tonight! 

Another ribbon technique

Good grief!  It's almost 3:30 in the afternoon and I'm still working on ribbons!  I may have to work all night and into tomorrow at this rate.  But I loved Erin's technique, so I had to try it.  Here it is:
Must keep working!

Pretty Bow!

Here's my card using Dawn's guidance to tie a pretty bow! 
You'll see I awarded myself a knot-tying badge for that one.  Unfortunately, I'll have to play that video every single time I try to tie a bow forever-and-ever because as soon as Dawn's comforting voice goes away, I panic. 

Ribbon flowers

Here's my take on Betsy's singed ribbon flowers.  Wow!  I never expected to be lighting a candle and melting ribbon so early in the day!  Forgive the bad photography.  I used Hawaiian Shores for my card base and my ribbon flowers, but you certainly can't tell that on my monitor.  ...On to more ribbon videos!

Morning Make & Take

Hi, fellow Campers!  I'm excited to be at my desk and stamping this morning.  I did get up pretty early (for me on a Saturday in the summertime, anyway) to get started.  However, I had a little desk clearing to do before it could start.  And then I couldn't find those blasted  adorable little badges that I'm supposed to be earning today.  Really?  I've had all my Stamp-a-faire stuff together all this time and now I can't find the badges.  I did finally find them and was ready to get started. 
So here's the card I made along with Nicole on her first video!   So pretty!  I love it when I can make a card that looks like Nichole's.  This is one that definitely looks better in real life, but they all do when I'm the photographer.  I'm warmed up and ready to move on to the ribbon!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Stamp-a-faire Eve!

Good evening, everyone!  I'm excited about spending the day tomorrow (okay, I know it's technically after midnight so it's really TODAY... but I need to sleep before then) at my crafty desk with lots of ink, paper and Papertrey stamps!   Last year, I headed to Cincinnati for Stamp-a-faire and was totally planning this year's trip on my way home.  It was a long drive, so I had lots of time to think.  This year, though, Stamp-a-faire is an online event.   I'm supposed to show myself getting ready, but, since I didn't have to pack anything and no one is coming over, I don't have that much "getting ready" to show.  Nichole has been tempting us to eat s'mores tonight in honor of the camping theme to this year's event.  Unfortunately, these are the s'mores I wanted.  Go ahead.  Click.  I'll wait.... I found them on Pinterest.  Pinterest can really get a girl in trouble.  Since I saw these the other day, they are honestly all I can think about.  They look soooooooooo good.  So, obviously, I couldn't make them.  Really.  I'm stamping ALONE tomorrow.  I'd eat EVERY.  LAST.  ONE.  But you'd better believe that I will make them one day.   As soon as I can justify it.   ;)

See you back tomorrow with lots of craftiness!