Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tie Dye Techniques Challenge

I'll admit it:  I was afraid of the shaving cream.  I was sure I was going to choose to use the Copics and rubbing alcohol or the ink and water.  But that paper dyed with the ink refills and shaving cream was so pretty.  So that's the one I tried.  I did have the sense to move to the kitchen for this one.  :)

I used the only two reinkers I own (other than the tea dye duo -- which could be kind of cool...) -- Papertrey's Simply Chartreuse (the hybrid kind -- not the current one) and Stampin' Up's Blue Bayou.  I've got to say -- this was so easy and so much fun.  AND it gave me a new use for my Pampered Chef handy scraper.  Now I want to order every ink refill Papertrey has so that I can make lots of cool marbled papers. 

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