Saturday, July 21, 2012

Morning Make & Take

Hi, fellow Campers!  I'm excited to be at my desk and stamping this morning.  I did get up pretty early (for me on a Saturday in the summertime, anyway) to get started.  However, I had a little desk clearing to do before it could start.  And then I couldn't find those blasted  adorable little badges that I'm supposed to be earning today.  Really?  I've had all my Stamp-a-faire stuff together all this time and now I can't find the badges.  I did finally find them and was ready to get started. 
So here's the card I made along with Nicole on her first video!   So pretty!  I love it when I can make a card that looks like Nichole's.  This is one that definitely looks better in real life, but they all do when I'm the photographer.  I'm warmed up and ready to move on to the ribbon!

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