Friday, July 20, 2012

Stamp-a-faire Eve!

Good evening, everyone!  I'm excited about spending the day tomorrow (okay, I know it's technically after midnight so it's really TODAY... but I need to sleep before then) at my crafty desk with lots of ink, paper and Papertrey stamps!   Last year, I headed to Cincinnati for Stamp-a-faire and was totally planning this year's trip on my way home.  It was a long drive, so I had lots of time to think.  This year, though, Stamp-a-faire is an online event.   I'm supposed to show myself getting ready, but, since I didn't have to pack anything and no one is coming over, I don't have that much "getting ready" to show.  Nichole has been tempting us to eat s'mores tonight in honor of the camping theme to this year's event.  Unfortunately, these are the s'mores I wanted.  Go ahead.  Click.  I'll wait.... I found them on Pinterest.  Pinterest can really get a girl in trouble.  Since I saw these the other day, they are honestly all I can think about.  They look soooooooooo good.  So, obviously, I couldn't make them.  Really.  I'm stamping ALONE tomorrow.  I'd eat EVERY.  LAST.  ONE.  But you'd better believe that I will make them one day.   As soon as I can justify it.   ;)

See you back tomorrow with lots of craftiness!

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Nichole Heady said...

Pinterest can totally get a girl in trouble, not to mention pack on the pounds! LOL!!! Glad to see you'll be spending the day with us! Hope to see your projects and maybe even see you on the boards!