Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first post

Really? I'm setting up a blog? Really?

Okay, I know the last thing the world needs is to hear more from me. I'll go ahead and admit right here that I have no particular wisdom to give or anything particularly unique to share. So why am I doing this? Well, I really like to play with paper, ink, stamps and such. It seems to me that everyone in the papercraft-y world has a blog these days. It also seems that a blog is the best way to participate in fun stuff like the Papertrey Blog Hop. I tried participating in the one today, but I'm sure no one will comment on my post because I used my pitiful little blog where you have to be a member of to comment (I think). There's really nothing there to see, so I won't post a link. After looking at everyone's blog entries, I decided that I want to do this again next month and do a better job of it. So here we sit.

For now -- at least until I have something worthwhile to say -- I'll use this blog for the PTI blog hops and various challenges that I enjoy playing in so much. I'll start it and see where it goes, I guess!